Hurting To Feel




Barnes and Noble




Successful businessman, Nate Rafferty, grew up on the streets, fighting for survival and dominating everyone. Locked inside himself, he attempts to outrun the darkness that makes him hurt others. Until the Carpool Doll walks into his life and his fight or flight instincts threaten to ruin everything he wants…and he wants Addison.

Owner of Carpool Dolls, Addison Flint has always found Nate Rafferty’s story from rags to riches fascinating. When one car ride puts her right in the path of the playboy, she fears her curiosity will get the better of her. Determined to stay away from him, for fear of having her secret uncovered, she runs. 

But when Nate puts his hands on Addison, leaving her bruised and aching for more, she feels for the first time. And, when she feels, she’s afraid of losing the hand that touches her.

Warning: No safe word allowed. Broken hero and an emotionally wounded heroine. One inflicts pain, one needs pain to feel. Both carry secrets that might destroy everything.


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