A Cultish Obsession


A Cultish Obsession


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The only way to save her sister from a cult… was to sign up.

Megan O’Donnell had already lost her parents–she wasn’t going to lose her sister too. Allison had taken their parents’ death hard, but Megan thought her sister was finally starting to live again. She had no clue the reason behind Allison’s newfound happiness was Lord Stephen, leader of the Eternal Peace cult. When Allison runs off and joins Lord Stephen’s commune, there’s only one thing Megan can do. She joins too.

After watching his sister fall for the charms of Lord Stephen, Private Detective Joe Sherrill goes undercover to bring an end to the man’s deadly charade. For Eternal Peace is anything but, and his sister’s suicide has convinced Joe that what’s going on isn’t so peaceful. He never expected to find someone else in the commune who wasn’t drinking the Kool-Aid, someone as gorgeous as the fiery redhead, Megan O’Donnell. If he can convince her to go undercover as his sex partner, he’ll be one step closer to getting what he needs to close the place down… until Lord Stephen decides Megan’s just what he needs as well…

Warnings: This book contains graphic sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers (including dubious consent)





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